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I am a homeschooling mom with 4 girls.My husband is an electrician and we will celebrated our 17th anniversary this past October. When I have the time I keep busy with crafts, memory books and gardening. Jesus is my foundation and first love. Life doesn't mean anything until you find something worth dying for. Do you have meaning in yours?


I believe in the education and personal development of my children so I homeschool and have spent a little bit of time searching for homeschool support groups and material on the web. Click here if you would like to see what I have gathered.


Come visit my twelve year old daughters page, a lot of great links. A great place to start your kids on the web. Bookmark for them to surf. Make sure to get into her snowball fight and start one with your friends. Actually she is now 16 and hasn't touched this page in awhile but it still has a lot of neat kid links.

Krusin Kats


Jesus is my salvation. He keeps me steadfast in the day of trouble. He loves me very much and you also. Would you like to know more about Him and how you can have unconditional love from a Heavenly Father? Just a click away!
 Jesus Loves You




This page has some of my beary favorite places to go like games and craft areas and also some different Christian areas.
 My favorite places



For a lot of wonderful Christian Pages, please visit the Webrings I have joined.




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