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Welcome to my homeschool page.  I hope whether you are a well weathered pro, new or just curious, you will find something you enjoy here and maybe even find helpful.

I am now on my 16th year of homeschooling (hard to believe) 4 girls from 6-20 and a brand new boy!
One has officially graduated now!


God told us to "These commandments that I give you today are to be upon your hearts, Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and get up.  Tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads. Write them on the doorframes of your houses and on your gates." Deut. 6:6-9.

It is a whole process of learning. So it seems natural to us to home school.  It has its ups and downs just like being a mom, but well worth the effort and time invested.  I am blessed when I see the accomplishments of my girls, both academically and spiritually. It is a sweet reminder of why I home school.  

I use a "method" of schooling called Wisdom's Way of Learning or Lifestyle of Learning written by Marilyn Howshall. I use the word method very lightly because it is God's method, it is different for each person. What a difference it has made for us! God's burden is light, let the Spirit direct your school. Two wonderful sites I highly recommend as "must reads" is Lifestyle of Learning ( There site isn't there anymore. But it is well worth finding her books used!) and  Homeschool Oasis (Great page, also has some of Marilyn's Articles on it)
You may also go to this page to read more on my philosophy of homeschooling.
"Be still and know I am God"

bksg1c.gifA new format. I will no longer be adding any links to my page. There are plenty of link sites out there. I want to build something more substantial, that will be a help to others.

Below are links to many different sites covering lots of different subjects. I hope you enjoy browsing. God Bless You!!!! [Image]



(Opinions, Musings and other Information)

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Frontier Coop

New Books

Used Books

Home Training Tools great science tools!


Rock Solid

Treasure Tomes

Homeschool Beautiful Feet Books

** VegSource**

Educational Insights

Homeschool Used Curriculum

Spelling Power

Derri's Discoveries

Keystone National high School Web Page.

Educational Accents

 Group Publishing



Curriculum Recycler


Great Homeschool Books

The Old Schoolhouse

Another Day Christian Books


The Back Pack

Christian Soup -1828 dictionary

Leaping From the Box

Electic Homeschooling Online

The Homeschool Bookworm

Homeschool Mall


Rushton Family Ministries




bkcl1e.gifLanguage Arts

Treasure Island
A Four Week Study on the Book.

The Write Site
An interactive language arts and journalism project to
introduce middle school students to the world of journalism.

Introducing Christian Virtues using Aesop's Fables

Blossom's Homepage -free phonics worksheets

Daily Grammar A great site for grammar brushups

Parts of a Book

English Teaching Strategies Written for teachers ... resourse on teaching English

Monkey Notes a study resource to use with different books .. such as Around the world in 80 days etc..

Writing Strands


Language Arts study on grammar

High School English great resource

History and Social Studies  bkcl1q.gif


Games, Traditions, History of Holidays,

Have the Time(line)?
A web site full of timeline ideas

U.S. History Come and learn about Presidents and history

Manners in other countries.
A fun site that covers Manners and Customs in other countries.  

Cottage Press-History A site with different history books for kids to read.

Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad



 Geography World

The History Channel Fun and Games

History of Names

 bkcl1a.gif Math and Science bkcl1a.gif

The Yuckiest Site on the Web  
A Great Science Site


Fetal Development Overview watch a baby grow

SuperKids Math Worksheet Creator

 Helping your Child learn Science

Math Forum

Experimental Science Projects
This introductory level guide presents basic information for doing a science project.

GourmetSleuth - General Conversion Calculators

WebMan Home Page for AIG
Creation Science Site


High school science

Study on Sugar

A site on Bugs
 Department of Entomology

Enter the Eye of the Storm
Take a virtual tour of the National Hurricane Center war room

Christian Answers
All sorts of Christian Answers for Science.
Neuroscience for Kids

Sea World

CAUTION: pro evolution theory.
Site shows bone structure of cats and provides many links to similar sites.

How stuff Works


 Crafts/Music bkcl1j.gif

Pony Bead Patterns & More

Michaels for Kids.
Sponsored by the monopoly of Craft Stores

Crafts for Kids.
Good sites to find different crafts


Film Canister and Pill Bottle Crafts

Aunt Annies Craft Page.One of the best I have seen.

Piano on the Web

Play a Piano

Miscellaneous bkcl1d.gif

 Soft Seek
Here's a great place to download free software,demos and shareware.
Another place for Shareware (Shareware has a fee, but you can try it first to see if you like it)

Record keeping software
Homeschool Easy Records

games2educate suggestions on different games to use with education - make learning fun!

Homeschool Huthit site map and you will see the different pages for tons on links on every subject  
E-Pals Safe site for penpals The Curriculum - Bible studies

Online Classes a great site
offering a ton of classes on every
imaginable subject

Home school planning software

Homeschool Forms on the Web forms for every subject

For a custom made Homeschooling T shirt

Sites for Teachers

The Worksheet Generator offers free school worksheets for teachers.

Lots of free stuff here.

Surfing the Net with Kids Lots of information on all subjects

Below are some listings of friends homeschool pages. These are all great. I would recommend going through them. You will find some great Unit Studies, and links to more sites pertaining to different homeschool subjects. It will definitely be worth your time.


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