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Welcome to my homepage.  I am a 4th grade homeschooled student that loves to play on aol and look cateyesat web pages.  I have added some of my favorite places. If you have a good site let me know. I have lots of Christian and fun sites to look through.

One of my favorite places. I love American Girls!! Do you?

Sorry for all those who wanted Josefina.  They would only allow me to put 5 names on

- Favorite American Girl-

Who is your favorite American Girl?






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Here is my other page. Wanna join the snowball fight!

Applejuice on the Web

A Christian Kids Radio Program. You can listen to Adventures in Odyssey in Real Player each day.Childrens Sonshine Network-Childrens Radio Network

Another of my favorites with coloring books, games and lots to do. Come visit the Professor Pocket

It's a jungle out there.  Come and color a few pages and play a couple games. See how many Creation facts you can learn at  Kid's Quest.

By Focus on the Family
Adventures in Odyssey

Come visit the Ark, and color and play a few games. Take the creation quiz. Dont get too wet. The Grace Place- Noah's Ark

KC and Friends

You don't have to eat your Veggies here. This is a must see for all Veggie Tale Fans.

WonderKorner! Answers to lots of questions, ask your own questions.

A site by the writers of that great book. Lots of stories. A must see.Adventures From The Book Of Virtues Home Page

Kid's Korner Another great Christian site to learn memory verses and about the Bible

Come cuddle up and read a book and scroll down to find all the games. A playroom without the mess Children's PlayRoom

A place with a ton of games to play

Dr Suessville Games
Come visit the Cat in the Hat

Kids 4 Him

Parable of the catepillar

Crosswords and More

My sister loves this page.
Angelina Ballerina

My mom's page  HidngPlace's Home Page

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